.Voiced By?|- Anthony Jones

Gender Male
Species Orange / Tangerine
Team Lucky Flags
Episode eliminated Episode 3 - Eating for the Greater Good
Place 21st
Friends Cola, Lightbulb, Colored Pencil / Coloured Pencil, Head Gears, Paper, Broccoli
Enemies Staff, and Flag, Color Orange and Green

Orange is a sweet adorable contestant that is competing in Object Planet, in episode 2b he was angry that his team was always losing so he lost his mind and started to try and make his own team.

Orange was first found in Episode 2a - Space Palace?!?!, and is a little boy that is getting bullied by Staff and is trying to fight for his rights against him

After he left Object Planet he has learned his lesson and decided to be nicer to his team but can be mean when someone inter fears with him


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